DermaFix MD Prescriptives


Prescriptives should have a high amount of active ingredients and are focused on the correction and prevention of specific skincare concerns. All products recommended as a prescriptive skincare product should have scientific research, this ensures that the results shown are a true reflection of the ingredients inside the bottle. Prescriptive products are to be recommended by a skin care professionals for the improvement of your skincare concern. These products are ‘medicine’ for the skin due to the high amount of active ingredients which should be introduced gradually onto the skin to ensure skin tolerance is achieved and the best visible results are seen.


The DermaFix MD Prescriptives Range consists of a number of products specifically formulated for the improvement of various skincare concerns including, aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and overall regeneration of the skin. With the scientific research behind the active ingredients within the MD Prescriptives Range, we can ensure the safety of use when recommended by a skin care professional and used according to the homecare advice. These active ingredients are synergistically formulated to offer noticeable results within a short period of time.

MD Prescriptives consists of a variety of physician strength products formulated and based on science and technology.

The MD Prescriptives range of skincare products utilises research to unlock the power of cosmeceuticals for the demands of an aging population. Youthful, supple, clear skin is a sign of good health which is supported by superior at-home skincare regime. The MD Prescriptives range consists of a variety of physician strength products formulated and based on sound science and technology.

A variety of ingredients is found within the MD Prescriptives Range offering corrective results for various skincare concerns. The products are formulated with the highest amount of active ingredients and therefore serve as a prescription booster to the existing DermaFix Product Range. One of the key ingredients, Niacinamide, found in some of the MD Prescriptives Products is used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation within the skin is a precursor to many concerns, by controlling inflammation you can see visible results on all skin types ranging from aging and acne to hyperpigmentation. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory benefits but Niacinamide also helps to inhibit the transfer of melanin-containing melansomes to the outer layers of skin, helping prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation.



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