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Clearing The Pathway For Healthy Skin

The first step is to remove any obstacles that are blocking the development of new cells and inhibiting their function. The objective is to normalise healthy cell proliferation and prepare a clean and healthy environment for new cells to thrive in.

The primary method of removal is Enzyme Therapy. Special Enzymes are used in therapy to digest and remove dead cell matter without attacking living tissue. In severe cases of raised scar tissue, DMK ALKALINE WASH is used as the removal method. DMK does not make use of any harsh chemical or mechanical methods in the removal process.



  • Deep cleansing to remove surface dirt, debris and traces of makeup
  • Removes dead cell build-up on the surface that inhibits normal cell proliferation
  • Detoxifies the skin of all impurities to leave a clean cell-matrix behind and a healthy environment
  • Clear blocked pores to promote normal oil flow
  • Perform extractions to remove sebum plugs in acne or congested skin.
Restoring Balance, Harmony And Healthy Skin Function


Restoring Balance, Harmony And Healthy Skin Function

The second step is to bring back harmony and balance in the skin. The objective is to assist the skin in returning to normal by helping to restore lost functioning in the skin cells. DMK ENZYME THERAPY is the main protocol that is used to nurture the skin back to normality at cellular level.

The process of REBUILD is to ensure that new cells reaching the surface of the skin remain healthy and functioning properly and kept alive in a clean environment that supports their growth and development.



  • Stimulate the skin’s own natural enzymatic processes responsible for regulating functioning and processes
  • Kick-start the cell mitochondria to keep the skin cells alive for longer
  • Strengthen the underlying structures of the skin by stimulating muscle activity in series of isometric contractions during treatment
  • Assist in promoting the production of collagen and elastin for firmer, tighter skin
  • Improve blood circulation in the skin promoting a healthy supply of oxygenated, nutrient rich blood
Maintain Balance, Harmony And Healthy Skin Function


Restoring Balance, Harmony And Healthy Skin Function

The third step is to ensure that the protective mechanisms of the skin are restored. The objective is to strengthen the skin’s immune system, provide protection against free radicals and restore the Acid Mantle, the skin’s natural protective barrier.

The process of PROTECT is to ensure that new cells reaching the surface of the skin are protected from the sun’s harmful rays that cause cell damage and that the immune system is strong enough to fight infection and the spread of bacteria


  • Strengthen the Langerhans Cells that support the skin’s immune system
  • Replace the Acid Mantle that is compromised using products that mimic the skin’s oil and water secretions
  • Restore moisture levels in the skin and prevent TEWL (Transepidermal Water-Loss) to prevent reactions and flareups
  • Provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays that cause free radical damage to the cells
Maintaining Results Of The Treatment


Maintaining Results Of The Treatment

The final step is a crucial part of the DMK Concept that must not be ignored. The objective is to prolong the effects of the in-clinic treatment and keep the RRPM cycle going to maintain healthy cell functioning.

MAINTAIN forms part of the process of re-educating the skin cells to perform just as they did when they were young and healthy

With regular treatments and ongoing maintenance, the skin gets progressively better and better as the cells respond to the formulations.


  • Prolongs the effects of the in-clinic treatment
  • Maintains the RRPM cycle in the process of re-educating the skin cells
  • Provides effective home care that keeps the skin in peak condition
  • Keeps the skin protected
  • Provide clients with a lifelong skin management program

Botanical-based, Pharmaceutical Grade Formulations

DMK Product Ingredients

DMK products contain a powerful blend of natural ingredients scientifically formulated from sources of botanical and fish extracts.

The skin only accepts chemistry it recognizes as its own. DMK uses a unique combination of ingredients designed to compliment your skin’s own natural chemistry thus allowing your skin cells to respond positively to all of our products and treatments.

We spare no expense when it comes to creating products that work.


The DMK Concept

DMK Skincare products are designed to work with each other in DMK’s own unique skin revision concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN.

DMK’s exclusive formulations are not supplied or sold online or through any over-the -counter retail channels. They are only available through an authorized, DMK-trained stockist, skin revision clinic or salon establishment.

DMK product ingredients

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