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Light Cured Nails – LCN. The versatility of Gel with the strength of Acrylic – 100% allergy-free.

Using only the very best technology in nail enhancements our services include LCN Nails and UV Gel Polish, giving our customers a choice of products to suit their needs.

In 1985, Wilde Cosmetics was the very first European manufacturer to present a revolutionary light-cured synthetic resin system of light-cured products designed to seal, correct, lengthen to create beautiful nail enhancements. This resin system has found its success internationally under the brand name Light Concept Nails – LCN. With over 25 years as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cosmetic nail products, the success and reputation of the LCN Nail brand is based on a long history of providing exciting, innovative breakthroughs to the world of cosmetic science.

LCN light cured products do not use acetone, solvents or acids. Continued use of these types of solvents, especially acetone, will compromise the health of your nails. With LCN light cured products, clients are able to make a healthy choice for nail enhancements without sacrificing results or performance.

Continued research, development and product improvements ensure the highest level of biocompatibility and lowest heat build-up during the curing process. LCN light cured products are highly durable, flexible to mimic the properties of the natural nail, and do not yellow under UV and sunlight. LCN stands for innovations and highest product quality especially in the field of light-curing synthetic resins. LCN UV Resins are based on material used in the dental field. These Bio-compatible synthetic resins are perfectly suitable for use on natural nails.

Today’s clients want high-quality products, excellent results and no compromise to the nail and their health. LCN is a versatile resin, with a gel-like consistency, that can be applied over a tip or sculpting form to add length to the nail. It can also be applied as an overlay to enhance strength to weak or fragile nails.


lcn overlays flawless faces


Here at Flawless Faces we understand manicures & pedicures are as important as caring for any other part of the body and offer a comprehensive selection of treatments for hands and feet.

Our Spa Manicures &  Pedicures offer relaxing pampering treatments and the wonderful feel of our Feetish Spa Pedicure foot treatment ensuring your feet leave you walking on cloud nine.

Flawless Faces Spa Manicure
spa pedicure flawless faces


With the recent introduction of the Surgi-heel pedi peel treatment, we now offer a specialized and extremely effective treatment for thick, hard, and dry heels and feet. The Surgi-heel application quickly dissolves and loosens the accumulated dead skin cells allowing quick and pleasant removal of the dead skin, revealing smooth soft feet.

Pamper your hands and feet




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