We offer the very best in Waxing. Quality film waxing for the sensitive areas of the face, underarms and bikini and bronze strip waxing for the larger areas.

Monoi of Tahiti Extra Film Wax – our “Rolls Royce” choice from the Depileve range is a revolutionary concept in its formulation. Perfect for sensitive areas, armpit, bikini line, zones of difficult access and face, our choice of wax is also especially good on all types of hair, especially effective on short and difficult hair, yet very gentle on the skin. Film Wax is a low temperature waxing system that is comfortable, hygienic, effective, long-lasting and almost pain-free. It looks after and protects the skin all over the body, even the most delicate areas, making it perfect for intimate or facial waxing or for legs with circulatory problems.


We also offer the newest addition in the Depileve range, “Bronze” Film Wax for men. This new disposable wax pulls out even the most stubborn hairs. Moreover, with the addition of Salicylic Acid, it prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs. The formula enriched with Ginseng oil protects the skin thanks to its revitalizing and repairing action. Our waxing is carried out by professionally trained therapists so as to ensure your experience is not only as pain-free as waxing may possibly be, but that you are truly satisfied with the result.

Our Depileve roll-on strip waxing system, used for larger areas, ensures we once again offer you only the very best in waxing.

waxing for men

The very best in waxing

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