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DermaFix Cleansers

Cleansing is vitally important to keep your skin clean. Choose a product that your skin responds well to and doesn’t strip or dry out your skin. Many people think a bar of soap is an acceptable cleanser when it is not. Regular soap disturbs the pH of the skin which in turn negatively affects the acid mantle. This acid mantle is a barrier formed on the skin and ensures the prevention of bacterial infection. When you disturb this barrier by using an alkaline based product like a bar of soap, you welcome all sorts of problems going forward. It is recommended to choose a product that is pH balanced or that sits on the Acid spectrum of the pH scale.

DermaFix Toners

Toning your skin is not something that all consumers deem as necessary in their daily skincare routine, however, it is a vital process in preparing your skin for active products such as serums which are applied after the toning of the skin. By toning the skin you not only balance the pH of the skin but you also facilitate the penetration of active ingredients, this is done by performing a friction technique during the toning process. This friction movement allows for an increase in micro-circulation to the superficial layers of the skin and therefore encourages a more effective absorption of active ingredients. Staying away from toners which contain alcohol or artificial fragrances is recommended as this can be too harsh on the skin and may cause a sensitivity response.

When looking for a toner you should look for an alcohol-free and pH balanced lotion. This will ensure that you are not applying harsh products to the skin and thereby creating a sensitivity response due to the imbalance of the skin’s pH.

DermaFix Moisturisers

There are a variety of aspects to look out for when purchasing a moisturiser, most commonly the term humectant is used which describes the products ability to bind moisture into the skin. Hyaluronic is an ingredient often incorporated due to its superior humectant properties.

A great product should be aimed at balancing and repairing the skin’s barrier. This means providing the skin with additional water if necessary or alternatively additional oil. Homeostasis is the key to maintaining a successful skin barrier.

DermaFix Serums

The structure of the skin consists of an oil barrier and a water barrier. In order for the active ingredients within serums to penetrate through both of these barriers, they need to be encapsulated by both oil and water, this term is called liposome encapsulation. This is what you should consider when purchasing your serum of choice as it should be providing you with intensive corrective benefits by being able to improve your skincare concern from the inside out. Serums are applied to the skin before the use of a moisturiser as they are formulated to have better penetration into the deeper layers of the skin by making use of liposome encapsulation. A Serum is recommended according to skincare concern whether it be hyperpigmentation, environmental stress or barrier reparative benefits.

DermaFix Correctives

Correctives are products that have targeted action on the skin, this means that a variety of active ingredients are used in order to get a corrective result on your specific skincare concern. It is always advised to ask if the products are liposome encapsulated allowing the products to get better penetration and therefore offer the results you are looking for. The DermaFix Corrective Range makes use of a variety of actives specifically formulated to meet the needs of an ageing population. The DermaFix Correctives also focus on offering advanced skin lightening technology benefiting a hyperpigmented skincare concern.

DermaFix Anti-Aging Correctives

With a wealth of anti-ageing products on the market, both men and women are trying to figure out how to look younger for longer. While products can do much to help slow down the early signs of skin maturation including fine lines, increased dryness, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin, once the process has begun, it becomes far more difficult to turn back the clock.

For many, this means that prevention is indeed more effective than cure. In order to retain a youthful-looking skin and figure out how to look younger for longer, lifestyle changes are needed along with the correct products, efficient treatments that are proven to work, and a healthy diet that is rich in skin-enriching nutrients.

DermaFix Facial Masks

What you need to look for in masques is going to vary according to your skincare concern. It may be that you are looking for a soothing, hydrating masque to help control breakouts. Either way, masques should have the correct amount of active ingredients in order to offer you an instantaneous skincare boost.

Traditionally masques have a higher amount of active ingredients as opposed to the rest of your skincare routine. A skincare masque can be used for a variety of skincare concerns and are recommended for use after exfoliation to ensure the best results possible. DermaFix facial masques provide additional benefits to the skin; The DermaFix Facial Masques can be used to hydrate, increase circulation, deep cleanse and increase nutrients to the skin which can add an extra dimension to your current skincare routine.

Sun Protection

There are various factors to consider when choosing a Sun Protection product, one of the most important being the choice of the SPF strength but there are in fact other factors to consider. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures the amount of UVB absorption, but there is no method of measuring UVA absorption. The only way to determine if a sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB radiation is to look at the ingredients. A good sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30 and contain avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide. In order to avoid premature ageing of your skin, you should use a certified sunscreen approved to protect against both UVA and UVB rays and not one with just an SPF designed to block burning UVB rays.

There are numerous benefits of using sun protection and they normally stem from being preventative to the precursors of ageing and hyperpigmentation. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to use sunscreen regularly and liberally in order to prevent photo-ageing and damage. By adopting healthy lifestyle habits as well as following the advice on sunscreen given by your professional skin care specialist, you are steering yourself in the right direction towards a healthier-looking skin.

DermaFix Sun Protection is formulated to meet all the necessary requirements as per the South African legislation and has been SANS 1557:2013 and ISO 24444, ISO 24443 approved’

DermaFix BB Cream

Beauty Balms or BB Creams were originally developed as a perfect post-procedure cream used to treat, hydrate, prime, protect and camouflage the skin. They should be indicated for all skin types including those with sensitive skin.  These versatile “four-in-one” formulas should be designed to do it all.

BB Creams treat with high levels of active skin care ingredients, moisturise and smooth dehydrated skin, prime and perfect the skin’s surface. They should also be formulated to camouflage and colour correct the skin tone.

DermaFix BB Creams are lightweight, all-in-one formulations which even out skin tone and illuminate a dull complexion. They can be worn alone as an anti-ageing foundation or over a serum for added benefits. The active ingredients found in the DermaFix BB Creams, Vitamin E and Soy Peptides, offer powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Ageing benefits resulting in a smooth and flawless looking skin. In addition to the DermaFix Serums one can apply an appropriate serum before the application of the DermaFix BB Creams to prevent free radical attack in the fight against premature ageing. Alternatively DermaFix Dermal Repair can be applied underneath the DermaFix BB Cream’s as a make-up primer offering smooth and radiant looking skin.

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